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Multi-Familiy Office

The Multi-Family Office area of our Firm is responsible for providing specialised services to families whose assets require specific strategies for preservation and growth through successive generations.

To do this, we at Sánchez-Casas seek alignment with the interests of our customers, establishing a close relationship with them to maintain their confidence and tranquillity over time.

Our work is performed with the experience and knowledge of our experts and the coordination of external specialists in a variety of fields. The result is a lifelong guidance for our Multi-Family Office customers, which is supported by excellent results.



  • Comprehensive structuring and protection of family assets
  • Estate planning
  • Legal and Tax advice
  • Investment advice
  • Property consultancy
  • Family and Investment Company Accounting
  • Advice on finance and insurance


  • Advice on the operational structure, governance and appropriate investment vehicles.
  • Conduct a complete cost-benefit economic analysis of family assets.
  • Establish the objectives and design of performance measurement systems for family assets
  • Designing optimal information structure for monitoring the market value of family assets.
  • Establish the objectives and design of performance measuring systems.
  • Proactively reduce risks in the wealth of the whole family.


  • Independence and objectivity: We avoid third party links or easements that may limit benefits to the customer
  • Professionalism: Highly qualified and experienced across the spectrum of services.
  • Confidentiality: Indispensable for earning the confidence placed in us.