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Property Management

Having property, whether substantial or small, has traditionally been a kind of insurance for many people and a guarantee of solvency for businesses and other organisations. But the complexity of their control and market dynamics mean that having a specialised team capable of optimising its efficiency is advisable in most cases.

The Property Management Department in Sánchez-Casas has 3 major groups of services available for this purpose:

Our expertise allows us to offer comprehensive advice regarding property investments, such as purchase, sale, rental, transfer and appraisals (or "evaluation") of all types of properties, particularly commercial premises, buildings and singular homes.

Due to the accumulated experience in Property Management, our Firm is requested for important property transactions throughout the national territory along with major national and international operators in the Spanish market.

Transparency, security and consultation throughout the process are what guide us in our work in this area too, as many families and businesses that have relied and do rely on us can corroborate.